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Resources for Breastfeeding and Early Parenting

There is a lot of information out there on breastfeeding and early parenting - much of this is not evidence based and it can be hard to find reliable sources. As a group of experienced practitioners, we've collated our favourite information and resources for you here. Where possible, this is based on research evidence, or what we have seen works in practice with families.

We are planning to add more resources to this list in time!

The first week with your new baby

What is 'normal'? How to tell if everything is ok? Where to find support? Useful to read through before your baby arrives or in the first week after birth.


Positioning your baby at the breast/ chest

How you position your baby at the breast can make a big difference to your comfort and theirs, as well as improving how they are drinking.


Emotional wellbeing

Information on coping with the huge changes parenthood can bring, and suggestions for supporting your mental health and wellbeing.

Educational talks

We also have some fantastic free recorded educational talks from various professionals in the breastfeeding and early parenting world available for you to watch.

Book for support

We're here to support you throughout your early parenthood journey - if you're struggling, book in to see us.

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