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Our impact

We're passionate about supporting families

We dream of a future where all parents in West Kent find evidence-based, compassionate, empowering support wherever they turn, where strong communities come together to support each other, and where skilled practitioners across diverse specialisms work together as a team.

With your support, we're building a community to exactly that. 

What we do

We support over 1,000 families a year with breastfeeding and early parenting.


A typical year for us:

147 face to face support and social groups

1,400 1-1 specialist appointments

600 social visits

800 volunteer hours donated

Our families consistently rate our service as excellent, with 97% of those who review our service likely or very likely to recommend us.

How we help families

In person appointment - October 2022

“Completely changed my mood and confidence.  Having had a terrible week feeling very low and anxious, I left feeling like I can do this and I'm not a massive failure. Really really changed how I'm doing day to day."

Listen to Emma, Abbie, Harriette, and Liene's experiences of Baby Umbrella appointments and our social groups.

Read more in our Annual Reports

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