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A Baby Umbrella Breastfeeding Counsellor supporting a local family

Specialist Support with Breastfeeding and Early Parenthood

We offer free specialist support from Breastfeeding Counsellors and Lactation Consultants at our groups on Mondays in Tunbridge Wells, Tuesdays in Tonbridge and Fridays in Otford; as well as on Zoom throughout the week You can see our locations here. Booking is essential.

We can support you with breastfeeding, bottle feeding, expressing, adjusting to parenthood, infant sleep, introducing solids and much more! 

Specialist Support Testimonials

"It's wonderful to have such unconditional , non-judgemental support, locally, often and free! I would highly recommend Baby Umbrella to anyone needing support locally!"

Listen to Emma, Abbie, Harriette, and Liene's experiences of Baby Umbrella appointments and our social groups.

How does it work?

Our face-to-face specialist support is delivered within our groups, with individual attention from a practitioner for around 40 minutes per family. If you wish to have more privacy we can often move you a little away from the group, or to a quieter corner. Our Zoom sessions provide complete privacy.

Your practitioner will spend up to 40 minutes with you and your baby, and you can attend on your own or with your partner or supporter. You are welcome to bring older children/ siblings along with you too.


We book two families into each 80 minute practitioner slot so there is some flexibility to see you when you and your baby are ready - babies do not always run to schedule! You can relax, talk to other local parents, and enjoy a hot drink and one of our famous brownies if you need to wait.


Our Specialist Practitioners are trained to listen carefully to your concerns and provide support and information to help you find a way forward. If you are having problems with feeding, it is usually helpful to feed your baby during the appointment. If your baby needs an assessment for tongue tie, we can do that too. We have extensive knowledge of various support services in the area and will let you know if there are additional services that might be helpful for you. 

You are welcome to return for support as often as you need. Many of our families also come regularly to the group for somewhere welcoming to feed, a reason to get out the house, a chat with our Peer Supporters, and a hot drink made by someone else!

Photo of a practitioner sitting holding a baby on her knee and checking with gloved fingers in his mouth. Baby's mum and dad and a Peer Supporter watch.

Our specialist practitioners

Our team of 8 practitioners have over 80 years of combined experience supporting families with breastfeeding and early parenting. All our practitioners are trained and licenced as either "Lactation Consultants" or "Breastfeeding Counsellors" by recognised breastfeeding organisations. Many of our practitioners are also qualified in additional areas such as midwifery, nutrition, counselling, and education and all of them are passionate about supporting families in this phase of life.

Andrea Garrad BFC

Andrea Garrad

Breastfeeding Counsellor

Emily Fawdry IBCLC

Emily Fawdry

Lactation Consultant

Harriet Rudd BFC

Harriet Rudd

Breastfeeding Counsellor

Jane Gillhouley BFC

Jane Gillhouley

Breastfeeding Counsellor

Jani Combrink IBCLC

Jani Combrink

Lactation Consultant

Jennie Yelverton BFC

Jennie Yelverton

Breastfeeding Counsellor

Karen McCully IBCLC

Karen McCully

Lactation Consultant

Laura Shtaingos BFC

Laura Shtaingos

Breastfeeding Counsellor

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