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Launching Baby Umbrella Social Groups!

We are really excited that the government limit on support groups has increased from 15 to 30 adults! This means that we are now able to offer a more social side to our face to face sessions.

Up until now, COVID restrictions have meant we’ve only been running appointments because of the limit on the amount of people we could see - we wanted to focus on the people who really needed specialist support. But our vision is all about being able to offer social and peer support as well, and this has always been a key part of what we've offered in the past.

Social and peer support can be helpful in lots of different ways. Our Breastfeeding Peer Supporters attend most of our social groups - these are mums who have both lived experience and extra training to provide information and support on breastfeeding. And don't underestimate the power of simply sitting down and talking to someone who has a baby a few months older than you and who remembers being in a similar situation to you at the very start of their journey.

So do book in and come along to one of our social sessions, whether it's to get specific support with breastfeeding, or just to have a cup of tea and a piece of cake and chat to some friendly people who have probably walked a path similar to yours.


Do I need to have a "problem" to come along?

No! You can simply come along for a comfortable place to feed out and about, get a hot cup of tea and meet other parents.

Do I need to be breastfeeding to attend?

No! We welcome all families, however you are feeding your baby.

Can I bring my toddler?

Yes! Toddlers are welcome, please book any over 5s a space as they count towards our overall numbers limit.

Can I bring my partner/ friend?

Yes! Partners and supporters are more than welcome - make sure you book them a space.

Can I come before I have my baby?

Yes! It's a great idea to come before your baby is born and check out what support is available in an informal setting.

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